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    Repair Terms and Condtion

    Policy of Warranty Repair:

    • Warranty for the device is two years, excluding the accessories.
    • The warranty period starts from the purchase date. The sales invoice must include the seller's name, the seller's stamp and the serial number (IMEI) of the device.
    • Warranty will be considered void in case of device misuse, breaking caused by dropping , scratches and damages affecting the device’s external body, bending, burning caused by using non-genuine accessory or exposing the device to a source of heat, damages caused by exposing the device to liquid or humidity, intentional sabotage, neglecting the software updates, tampering with the device IMEI (serial number), deleting the device software or operating system, malfunction caused by viruses, using non-genuine applications or programs, attempts to repair at a unauthenticated service center, using non-genuine chargers or spare parts, or not following the operating instructions stated in the device handbook.
    • In case of unavailability of a spare part, the company aims to provide the required part within 14 days.
    • All the spare parts replaced under warranty shall be possessed by the service center.
    • In case of inability to provide a spare part or to repair the manufacturing failure, we will replace the defective device with a new unit of the same category/brand after deducting value of scratches and/or damages in the defective unit (if applicable) as well as the consumption rate according to the following formula (the purchase price as stated in the invoice ÷ 730 x number of consumption days).
    • In the case of inability to repair the device, the customer is entitled to receive an alternative device with the same category/brand. Otherwise, the customer may upgrade to a higher value device and pay the price difference or refund the purchase amount after deducting for any scratches and/or damages (if applicable) as well as for any unreturned accessories.
    • In case of upgrading or replacing the device with another, the client must bring the original box and accessories in a good condition; if the box and/or the accessories are missing, replacement will be limited to what is available with the client.
    • All devices sold from Al-Haddad’s sales channels are subjected to the Al-Haddad warranty (Hemayatech) and these devices are maintained in Al-Haddad’s main service center with the exception of devices belonging to the following brands (Apple, Nokia, Sony, Xiaomi, Vivo) so these devices are maintained by the agent of each brand and  shall be maintained through the authorized service centers by their exclusive agents.

     Policy of out of Warranty Repair:

    • Customer must pay in advance non-refundable 50 SR as inspection fee. In case of repair, this fee shall be deducted from the final invoice.
    • Out of warranty fees is subject to 5% value added tax (VAT).
    • The price estimate for out of warranty repair is initial. If the actual cost exceeds the estimate by more than 20%, customer's approval will be needed before the repair process begins. If the increase in actual cost is 20% or less than the initial estimate, the repair will be carried out without obtaining the client’s approval. This is applicable for the same fault or other faults.
    • The customer may be asked to pay the full value of the repair before it is completed. The repair process shall be postponed until the payment is done.
    • The customer must pay the remaining amount, if any, upon receiving the device or the device will be seized.
    • The warranty for out of warranty repair is valid for one month from the date of receiving the device.

     General Term and Conditions:

    • The initial diagnose of the device at the reception is preliminary. The receptionist records the external condition of the device only. If we later detect any misuse (liquids - internal fracture – unauthorized attempts to open the device, etc.), we will attempt to repair the device as out of the warranty after obtaining the client’s approval. In this case, the warranty shall be considered void for breach of warranty terms and the client shall be notified by SMS within five working days. In the event that the client does not respond within two working days, the device shall be returned to the client according to its original condition as much as possible.
    • The client must pick up the device immediately upon notification of completion of work. In the event that the client does not pick up the device after 30 days from the date of the notification, the device will be disposed in the manner that the service center deems appropriate without referring to the client. The client is not entitled to claim his device or any compensation whatsoever.
    • Text messages, e-mails, written approvals, and telephone calls are considered to be official means of communication with the client.
    • The service center is not responsible to recover the accounts of iCloud and/or Google Play and they are not covered by the warranty. In the event that the client encounters any problem, he/she must refer to the manufacturing company directly.
    • For the apple products, find my iPhone and iCloud account must be deactivated before requesting any maintenance. If the client failed to do so, the device will be returned to the client to deactivate them.
    • The service center is not responsible for the loss of any personal information or programs in the client's device. Clients are advised to back up their information before handing out the device for maintenance.
    • The client must bring the original receipt to receive the device. The device shall be delivered to the receipt holder only. In case of losing the receipt, the client must provide his/her ID card.
    • If a service center is not available in the same city, it may take few days to transfer the device to the nearest authorized service center.